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"Per my doctor's recommendation, I started using 3 different remedies from Modern Alchemy Spagyrics for several issues I had following the vaccine for Covid-19. After 6 months of debilitating headaches, excessively high blood pressure and heart palpitations, my symptoms were largely (98%) resolved after less than one week on the amazing tinctures."-Cathy K.


"I have and continue to benefit greatly from these products!"- Kelli F.


 “This (Modern Alchemy) turmeric is the best form of turmeric I’ve ever taken!  I can tell that it works because I can feel it working. Amazing! - Maggie B.


“Your (Modern Alchemy) turmeric is on fire it is so good!  I tried another brand and it was like taking water compared to how good your is!” - Michelle K.

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