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Modern Alchemy
Wholesale Membership 

Are you interested in complementing your business or practice with high-quality, nutritional supplementation?

Membership Benefits

  • Handcrafted, herbal supplements, made with high quality organic ingredients

  • Introductory access to shop our small batch, spagyric formula collection at wholesale prices

  • Personalized guidance advice on formula benefits and usage

  • Practitioner Test Kits (and samples!) designed to empower you and your patients with the knowledge of the healing power of plants

Account Eligibility

  • Accounts are currently being approved for healthcare practitioners and healthcare students located in the US.*

  • Applications must be completed before they will be reviewed and approved by our team. 

  • Applicants must read and agree to the Modern Alchemy Terms of Service, Resale Policy, and Privacy Policy.

*We are not approving memberships for the general public or individual consumers at this time. 


Membership Agreements



The Resale Policy, Privacy Policy, & Terms of Service


Understanding and following these policies help protect the integrity of your relationship with your patients — as well as your partnership with Modern Alchemy.


These relationships are what empower all of us to transform lives. 



We are here to guide you with the application process and offer you ongoing assistance with product selection. 

Contact us if you have any hesitations or questions about opening an account with us.

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