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Photo Of Bethany Babbitt

Bethany Babbitt  


Bethany’s journey with plant medicine began with a love of whole foods. While studying Holistic Nutrition at Bauman College in Berkeley, Bethany was introduced to the nourishing and healing properties of plants. She began to recognize that while eating an organic, local whole foods diet provides the foundation for good health, it is the herbs—nature’s most effective medicine—that provide the power boost that our bodies need to thrive and meet our most supported selves. While teaching and sharing these truths about nutrition, Bethany realized that she wanted a way to make this dietary lifestyle more accessible to those without resources to attain it. With that, she decided to deepen her understanding of plants by learning to grow and care for them.


In 2018, she started working as a residential gardener, caring for gardens all throughout the Bay Area. At the same time, she decided to increase her understanding of how to better care for the earth by getting her Permaculture Design Certificate from UPISF. In the following year, Bethany found Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and embarked on her three-year journey in their Herbal Immersion program. To her absolute delight, she began working with Modern Alchemy in 2020, creating and processing healing Herbal Spagyrics. This user experience, coupled with her ongoing herbal studies, has given Bethany the opportunity to progress towards her goal of knowing these powerful beings on their most intimate level, and she hopes to never stop feeding and nourishing this relationship.  

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