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About the Product

Modern Alchemy is a product line of individually formulated and handprepared spagyric tinctures that combines Old World knowledge with New World science.


Each remedy is slowly and carefully curated over a period of 12-16 weeks.

Modern Alchemy Products in a line

What's special about Modern Alchemy's Spagyrics?

All other similar remedies, whether herbal or pharmaceutical, only contain a fraction of the plant, but Modern Alchemy Spagyrics contain the soul, spirit, and body of the plant, thus maximizing their healing benefits. 


When preparing the tincture we are using organic and biodynamic-sourced herbs, organic grape alcohol, and structured, reverse osmosis water.


We have created liquid healing tonics that are of the highest quality and practitioner and patient reports indicate they are superior in their remediation effects on the body. 

Click here to learn more about how Modern Alchemy utilizes the art and science of spagyria. 

Meet The Team

Photo of Dr. Eva Whitmore

Dr. Eva Whitmore


Photo of Dr. Lisa Koenig

Dr. Lisa Koenig


Photo of Meghan Lyman

Meghan Lyman

Operations Manager 

Project Coordinator

Photo of Bethany Babbitt

Bethany Babbitt

Lab Operations

Lab Technician

A Message from the Founders of Modern Alchemy

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